Carpet Cleaning Kennedale TX

We are a professional carpet cleaning team with years of experience - providing a wide range of solutions to all your residential, commercial cleaning or industrial households cleaning needs throughout Kennedale and Dallas metro areas.


Our well-trained technicians represent our full and unconditional commitment to providing you with the most efficient services possible to your exclusive satisfaction. Their expertise together with our commitment has made us a leading entity in this field.


Our severe control standards will ensure that you, our valued customer, receives complete and unconditional satisfaction.


Our company is well known for its professional and reliable service - We don't rely on small print in contracts to make a fast buck. You get what we promised you or your money back.


We keep up to date with the most advanced cleaning and maintenance technology and methods and our technicians offer the following modern affordable services:


  • Dry steam or hot-water treatment - Frees the dirt particles and suctioning them up as the cleaning solvent is applied.
  • Various shampoo applications - Gently flushing out even the most stubborn soil with soft, fresh and fragrant shampoos.
  • A combination of the previous two.
  • Foam cleaning using various types of foam - Makes it possible to vacuum out the dirt after the foam that has loosened it has dried.
  • Bonnet (special pad) cleaning - Used on special delicate carpets when shrinkage or color running could be a problem.
  • Use of absorbent dry compounds - Once again for use on delicate and special carpets to prevent over wetting, color loss and shrinkage.