Tile & Grout Cleaning Irving TX

Tile Cleaning irving txUgly, unsightly tile and grout? We are here for you. Many of our customers come to us because they are moving into a home and can't afford to completely renovate with new tile and grout, or they have lived with tile so long and want to restore it back to its original beauty.


Although they are excellent, long-lasting and economical flooring and wall choices, tile and grout does show signs of wear from everyday life. It is important to know how to clean tile to repel as many stains and as much discoloration as possible, but it's also helpful to know a professional tile and grout cleaning company to remove the rest of the deeper stains.


If you have glazed ceramic tile, you might not thinking cleaning your tile is very difficult, but for those with porous, unsealed tile, food and drink spills and dirt tracked in can cause terrible staining in the tile itself. Many customers do not know that tile should be sealed to prevent such stains from seeping down into the tile.


We can rid tile of stains and dirt without powerful steam machines, which are safe for all types of tile and grout. In addition, these machines are harmless to the tile and grout, and won't erode either. You can steam clean tile and grout over and over again without any damage. Some harsh chemicals formulated for tile and grout cleaning can damage tile and grout. Steam cleaning provides the additional advantage of being entirely environment, pet and family friendly. Hot water is the only cleaning solution used - no chemicals at all are involved!


Tile and grout is one extremely noticeable way homes show their age. If you are interested in selling your home or simply maintaining its beauty for yourself and your guests, professional tile and grout cleaning is an inexpensive face lift for your home, erasing years of wear within a few hours.